Thursday, June 3, 2010

Town and Country/ Ultra Deals: Starting 6/3

HOT deals that do not combine with a coupon:
  • Aunt Millie's Bread, 24 Oz. Deluxe White or Wheat 8 Ct. Deli Kaiser, Onion Buns or 6 Ct. Super Sub Buns, 99¢ EA
  • Sunny Delight, 64 Oz. Florida Tangy Style or Smooth California Style 99¢ EA
  • Dutch Farms Sour Cream, 16 Oz. Regular, With Chives, Lite or Fat Free 99¢ EA
  • Wish-Bone Salad Dressings, WITH IN-AD COUON, WHEN YOU BUY 2 Wish-Bone Salad Dressings (16 Oz.) Limit one coupon per purchase on product specified, 2/$2
  • Breyers Ice Cream, 48 Oz. Light, Double Churn, Extra Creamy, Natural, No Sugar Added, Fat Free, Select Varieties. WHEN YOU BUY TWO WITH IN-AD COUPON. Limit 2 Total 98¢ EA
  • Southern Peaches, LB 88¢ LB
  • Centrella Milk, 1 Gallon. Whole, 2%, 1% or Fat Free. Limit 1 With Coupon. Limit 1 Coupon per Customer. 98¢ EA HOT DEAL BABY!
  • California Head Lettuce, EA 68¢ EA
  • Armour Lunchmakers, Armour Sizzle & Serve 6-7 Oz. Pkg., - Select Varieties. Limit 6 Total 48¢ EA
  • Pineapple, 2/$3
  • Tombstone Pizzas 6/$10

Using coupons to sweeten an already sweet deal:
Frito Lay, Frito Lay Variety Pack, Flavor Pack Sunchips Variety, Smart Mix Variety 20-22 Ct. Pepsi, Mountain Dew or Select Varieites 24 Pk. 12 Oz. Cans, Aquafina Water 24 Pk. 1/2 Ltr. Bottles, Frappuccino 4 Pk. Select Varieites, Gatorade 8 Pk. 20 Oz. Bottles, 3 FOR $11
Use $1/1 from SS 05/16/10 (for Frito Lay Variety Pack)
Use $1/1 from here, SS 05/02/10, or here.
Final Price: As low as 3/$8

Hefty One Zip Bags, 22 Ct. Freezer or 18 Ct. Storage Quart Only 10 FOR $10
Use $1/2 from here.
Final Price: $1/2
Kikkoman Soy Sauce, Teriyaki Sauce or Sweet & Sour Sauce - 10-11.5 Oz. 2 FOR $3
Use $1/1 from here.
Final Price: $.50 each!
Taco Bell Thick and Chunky salsa, $1.79
Taco Bell Taco Shells, 12 Ct. 2 FOR $3
Taco Bell Refried Beans, 16 Oz. No Fat or Regular 99¢ EA
Taco Bell Seasoning Mix, 1.25-1.4 Oz. Fajita, Chipotle, Taco 59¢ EA
Use $1/2 from here, or use $1/3 from ALL YOU magazine, June 2010 issue.
Final Price: As low as $2.87 for all three products and $2 off ground beef!

BUY $30, SAVE $10...BUY $15, SAVE $5 (mix and match)
Shedd's Country Crock, 45 Oz. Tub - Regular Only $1.99 EA
Use $.50/1 from RP 05/23/10 or $.40 from here.

Dove or Degree Deodorant, 2.6-3 Oz. Sport, Fresh, Select Varieties 2 FOR $4

Dove Shampoo, Conditioner, Cool Moisture, Thermal, Select Varieties - 12 Oz. or Dove or Degree Deodorant Mist Sexy, Romance, Select Varieties 2.6-3 Oz. 2 FOR $6
Use $1.50 from here.

Dove Soap, 2 Pk. Go Fresh, Men Deep Clean, Select Varieties 2 FOR $5
Vaseline Lotion, $2.50
Use $1/1 from RP 05/23/10

Dove Body Wash, $3.99
Use $1.25/1 from here.

Anyone have a scenario that works for this one?

Can you believe that this is not even all the deals this week worth mentioning? It's going on 1:00 in the morning, though, so I am just going to have to say that this is good enough. Let us know if you find anything other super fantastic deals!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Town and Country/ Ultra Deals 5/27/10

My Favorite deal of the week:
Anderson Farms 100% All Natural Bagged Leg Quarters, chicken leg quarters JUST 39¢ LB, when you buy an 8 LB bag.
(For directions on how to cook this chicken in your crockpot, and freeze to use in recipes later, go to


Buy 4 of the Following Nabisco Products and Save, Nabisco Honeymaid Crackers 14.4-15 Oz. Cinnamon, Low Fat, Select Varieties or Nabisco Snack Crackers 5.5-16 Oz. Wheat Thins, Triscuits, Ritz, Select Varieties or Ritz Crackerfuls 6 Oz. 4 Cheese, Classic Cheddar, Select Varieties or Chips Ahoy Cooki $5 WHEN YOU BUY 4
Use 2 $1/2 coupons from SS 05/16/10
Final Price: $3 for 4!

Johnsonville Brats $1.98
Use $1/2 from SS 05/02/10
Final Price: $2.96/2

Oscar Mayer Hot dogs 3 Lb./ $1.98 with a $10 purchase.
Use $1/2 from SS 05/16/10 or
Final Price: $2.96/2

Bar-S Hot Dogs or Franks, 16 Oz. Pkg. - Select Varieties 79¢ EA
Use $1/2 from RP 05/16/10,
here, here, or here
Final Price: $.58/2!
(For a cute little VERY EASY way to make corn dogs, go

KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce, 18 Oz. Original 2 FOR $2
Use $1/1 from SS 05/09/10 or
here (Must submit email and enter contest in order to access this online coupon).
Final Price: FREE!!
(For a yummy pork chop recipe that uses this BBQ sauce, go here)

Vlassic Pickle Relish, $.99
Use $.55/1 from
ALL YOU June '10
Final Price: $.44

Scott Bath Tissue, 8 Roll 1000 Sheet, 12 Double Rolls or Scott Towels 6 Roll Select-A-Size. Limit 2 Total 2 FOR $10
Use $1/1 from the March All You magazine, or the May All You magazine.
Final Price: $4.50 each

OTHER SHNAZZY DEALS, worth mentioning:
Buy 2 Vienna All Beef Franks or Polish Sausage, 12 Oz. Pkg. and Get 1 Vienna Sauerkraut Kraut 2 Lb. Bag. FREEWITH IN-AD COUPON. Limit 1 Coupon per Customer.

California Sweet Navel Oranges, LB 99¢ LB
Fresh Express Iceberg Garden Salad, 12 Oz. Bag 99¢ EA
Red Roma Tomatoes, LB 99¢ LB
Red Ripe Seedless Watermelon, Limit 2 Total $2.88 EA
California Red Strawberries, 1 Lb. Pkg. Limit 2 Total $1.48 EA
Purex Laundry Detergent, 4/$10
A-1 Sauce, $1.99 each

Thank you for your helpful coupon database,
Mummy Deals!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Town and Country Deals May 19-May 26

Digiorno Pizza 2/$9 (limit 4)

Use $1/1 from SS 05/16/10.
California Pizza 2/$9
Use $1/1 from SS 05/02/10
Final Price: $3.50 each

Bar-S Bologna or Hot Dogs, 16 Oz. Pkg. Select Varieties 98¢ EA
Use $1/2 from RP 05/16/10, here, here, or here
Final Price: $.96/2!!!

Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce, 18 Oz. Limit 3, 68¢ EA
Will be a coupon coming out this Sunday for $1/2
Final Price: $.36/2 if you can wait until after Sunday!!!

Florida Bi-Color Sweet Corn, Limit 12 Total 6 FOR 98¢
Maradol Papayas, lb. 79¢ LB
Southern Peaches, lb. 99¢ LB
Green Cabbage, lb. 39¢ LB
Blueberries, 6 oz. 2/$5

Ocean Eclipse Salmon, Tilapia or Catfish Fillets, 4 Oz. 98¢ EA
Perdue Fresh Chicken Thighs or Drumsticks, lb. 99¢ LB
Large Cooked Shrimp, 51-60 Ct. per Lb. Peeled & Deveined $4.98 LB

Bella Nico Spaghetti Sauce, 26 Oz. Limit 4, 98¢ EA
Dutch Farms Yogurt, 6 Oz. Regular or Fat Free Strawberry, Blueberry, Peach, Select Varieties 10 FOR $4
Fresh Baked Wheat or White French Bread, 16 Oz. 98¢ EA
Dutch Farms English Muffins, 12 Oz. Plain 79¢ EA
Frito Lay Ruffles or Doritos, 9-14.5 Oz. - Select Varieties. Limit 2 Total $1.78 EA

Friday, May 14, 2010

T&C deals

Deals using coupons:
Del Monte Fruit, 14.5-15.2 Oz. Fruit Cocktail, No Sugar Sliced Peaches, No Sugar Sliced Pears, Select Varieties. Limit 10 Total 10 FOR $10
Use $1/1 from RP 04/11/10 (some regions just got a $.40/1 coupon)
Final Price: As low as free.

Kellogg's Special K Bars, 3.8-4.86 Oz. Strawberry, Bliss, Fruit Crisp, Select Varieties 4 FOR $10
Use $1/1 fruit crisps from here.
Final Price: As low as $1 each.

Bar-S Franks or Bologna $1 each
Use $1/2 from RP 05/16/10, here, or here.
Final Price: As low as $.50 each, when you buy 2.

Purex Liquid Laundry Detergent, 50 Oz. Original, With Bleach, Mountain Breeze, Mountain Breeze with Bleach, After the Rain. Limit 4 Total 4 FOR $10
Plus, free clorox bleach when you buy purex.
Use $.55/1 from RP 04/18/10.
As low as $1.95 for one purex laundry detergent and one clorox bleach.

Other Deals:
Idaho Potatoes, 5 Lb. Bag 78¢ EA
California Seedless Navel Oranges, navel oranges 99¢ LB
Home Pride Wheat or White Bread, 20 Oz. 88¢ EA
On Cor Frozen Entrees, 27-28 Oz. Family Size - Select Varieties. Limit 4 Total 4 FOR $5
Open Pit BBQ Sauce, 18 oz. Regular, Sweet, Thick & Tangy, Select Varieties. Limit 3 Total 48¢ EA

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Town and Country/ Ulra deals this week

Palermo's Pizza 3/$10, plus a free 12 pk., 12 oz. Pepsi when you buy 3
Use $1/1 from SS 03/14/10 or from here.
Final Price: As low as $7 for 3 pizzas and one 12 pack of pop.

Green cabbage 3 Lbs/$1
Apples $.99/Lb.
Avocados $.99 each

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Town and Country/ Ultra Deals

Chicken Leg Quarters $3.84/ 8 lb. bag!
Dutch Farms Large Eggs $.58 each! (limit 2)
Seedless watermelon $2.98 each! (limit 2)
Chiquita Avocados $.68 each!
Dutch Farms American Singles $.99

Ronzoni Healthy Harvest Pasta 10/$10
Use one of these printable coupons below:

$0.75/1 Ronzoni SmartTaste Pasta printable coupon link #1

$0.75/1 Ronzoni SmartTaste Pasta printable coupon link #2

$0.75/1 Ronzoni SmartTaste Pasta printable coupon link #3

$0.75/1 Ronzoni SmartTaste Pasta printable coupon link #4

or $1/1 from the Family Fun magazine
Final Price: As low as FREE!
(Thank you Money Saving Mom!)

Oscar Mayer Turkey Bacon 2/$4
Use $.75 from SS 03/21/10
Final Price: $1.25!

Hot, Lean, or croissant Pockets 6/$10
Use $1/3 from RP 04/25/10.
Final Price: As low as 6/$8

Yoplait Yogurt 10/$4 (when you buy 10)
Use $1/8 from here.
Final price: 10/$3

Aunt Millie's Hot Dog or Hamburger Buns $.99
Use $.55/1 from RP 04/18/10
Final Price: $.44!

Buy $25 in participting Proctor and Gamble Products, and get $5 instantly at the register:
Pringles $1.39
Use $1/4 from P&G 04/04/10

Pampers Diapers $16.99
Use $2/1 from RP 03/14/10

Tide Liquid Detergent $9.88
Use $1/1 from P&G 02/07/10, P&G 03/07/10, or P&G 04/04/10

Iams Dog Food $16.99
Use $3/1 from P&G 03/07/10

Bounty Paper Towels $9.88
Use $.25/1 from P&G 03/07/10

Save $5 when you buy ANY 10 participtating General Mills products.
Deal idea:
3 Pillsbury Cresent Rolls at $1.48 each
Use $1/3 from here.
Price for these: $3.44

2 Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls at $1.48 each
$1/2 from here.
Price for these: $1.96

Buy 5 Trix Yogurt or Go-Gurt at $1.48 each
Use $.80/2 (print twice) and $.40/1 (print once)
Price for these: $5.40

-$5.00 T&C coupon
$5.80 TOTAL for all ten items!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Town & Country/ Ultra Deals April 22-April 28

Slashin the grocery bill, one deal at a time!
Split Chicken Breast $.88/lb.
Idaho Potatoes $1.28/8 lb.
Centrella Canned Vegetables $.28 each (limit 12)
Centrella Frozen Vegetables $.59 each (limit 6)
Centrella Apple Juice $.78 each (limit 2)
Minute Maid Orange Juice $1.98 each (limit 2)
Banquet Dinners $.68 each (limit 12)
Ocean Eclipse Seafood packs $10/10 (BONUS: A SEAFOOD DEAL! Love it!)
Cabbage $.39/lb.
Centrella Water 24 pk. $1.99 each
Malt O Meal Cereal $2/2 (limit 10)

As far as I can tell these are store coupons, because they do not say "manufacturer coupon" anywhere on them; in which case, they could be combined with manufacturer coupons.

Wishbone Dressing
Use $.75/1 from RP 03/28/10 (expires 4/25/10)
Final Price: As low as $.50/2

Ragu Sauce
Final Price: $2/2

I Can't Believe it's not Butter Spread or Spray
Use $.75/2 from RP 03/28/10 (expires 4/25/10)
Final Price: $1.25/2

Skippy Peanut Butter
Use $.75/2 from RP 03/28/10 (expires 4/25/10)
Final Price: $1.25/2


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Town and country 4/15-4/21

Chiquita Bananas, $.38
Chiquita Avocadoes, $.99
Maradol Papayas, $.79/lb.
Perdue Grade A Fresh Whole Frying Chicken, $.99/lb.
Fresh Whole Bone-In Pork Sirloin Roast $.78/lb.

Starbucks Frappacino, $5/case of 4
Use $1/1 from here or here.
Final Price: $4/4

Tropicana Trop50, $2.50
Use $1/1 from RP 03/14/10
Final Price: $1.50

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Putting the feelers out there...

Hello dear friends. I just wanted to stop a moment and check to see if anyone is using this blog and finding it helpful. I am okay to continue posting my Town & Country deals, but I really only want to take the time to do it if there are some people out there who are using this.

So, if you are out there, could you please just drop me a real quick comment and let me know so I will know to keep doing this blog? Thank you friends.

Town & Country/ Ultra deals 4/8-4/14

Deals that require coupons
Bar-S Franks $1 each
Use $1/2 from here.
Final Price: $1/2!!
*This coupon can also be used to get bacon for $1.50, sausage for $1, and corn dogs for $2.49

Oscar Mayer Bologna or salami $.98 each
Use $1/2 from SS 03/07/10
Final Price $.96 for two!!

Brawny Paper Towels (6-8 roll) $5.50 each
Use $.50/1 from RP 03/14/10
Final Price: $5
(limit 2)

Healthy Choice Frozen Entrees $2
Use $1/2 from SS 03/28/10 #2
Final Price: $3/2

Crest Toothpaste $.99 each
Use $.75/1 from P&G 03/07/10
Final Price: $.24 each

Rice-A-Roni or Pasta Roni $1 each
Use $1/3 from RP 01/03/10 #2
Final Price: $2/3

French's Mustard $1.50 each
Use $.50 from here
Final Price: $1 each

Pepsi/ Mountain Dew 8 pk. 12 oz. bottles 3/$10
Use Buy 3, Get 1 free in-ad coupon
Final Price: 4/$10

Other Deals that do not require coupons:
Extra Large Green Grapes $.88/lb.
New York Strip Steak $5.98/lb.
Chicken Leg Quarters $.48/lb. (sold in 8 lb. bag only-$3.84 each)
Arnold Soft bread $.88 each
Centrella Apple Juice $.78 each
Dutch Farms Orange Juice $.198 each
Nick's Chicago Thin Crust Pizza 3/$4
Jalapeno Peppers $.79/lb.
Dutch Farms Bagels $.89 each

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Town & Country/ Ultra Deals 4/1-4/7


1.Purchase $25 or P&G products in one transaction and receive one FREE $10 Prepaid MasterCard Card by mail. See directions in ad.

An example of what could be done with this is the following:
1 Charmin bath tissue (18 rolls) $9.88 each
Use $.25/1 from P&G 03/07/10
1 Pampers Big Pack $16.99 each
Use $2/1 from RP 03/14/10
Final Price: $14.62 after coupons and MasterCard

2. Great deals that include using an in-ad coupon and making an additional $10 purchase.
(limit 1 on each deal)
Use the $6 off any Smoked Ham of your choice coupon

Prices as good as $.53/lb, $.73/lb., and $.83/lb

Dutch Farms butter $.78 each
Dutch Farms Rose Acre Eggs FREE!
(April 1-April 4 only)

3. Great deals using In-ad coupons combined with manufacturer coupons
Philadelphia Cream cheese 4/$4 with coupon
Use 2 $.55/2 coupons from here
Final Price: $2.90/4

Oscar Mayer Bologna 2/$3 with coupon
Use 2 $1/1 coupons from here
Final Price: $1/2

Oscar Mayer Bacon 2/$5 with coupon
Use 2 $.75/1 coupons from SS 03/21/10
Final Price: $3.50/2

Maxwell House Coffee $4.99 each with coupon
Use $1/1 from SS 03/21/10
Final Price: $3.99 each

Planters Nuts 2/$4 with coupon
Use 2 $1.50 coupons from here
Final Price: $1/2

Quaker Cereals
Use $3 in-ad coupon
As low as $5/5 (this is a manufacturer coupon, so it may not be combined with another manufacturer coupon)

Aunt Jemima Syrup or mix $1.80
Use $1/2 from RP 01/03/10 #2
Final Price: $2.60/2

Dannon Danimal Drinks or crush cups $2 each
Use $1/1 from SS 03/28/10 #2
Final Price: $1 each

Coffee-Mate Creamer $1.50 each
Use $.75 from RP 02/07/10
Final Price: $.75 each

Domino Sugar $1.99 each
Use $.50/1 from here
Final Price: $1.49 each

4. Other Awesome Deals you don't need a coupon for
Beef Top Round Roast $1.98/lb.
Strawberries $.88/lb. (limit 4)

Idaho Potatoes $.98/5 lb. bag

Snickers Ice Cream Bars 3/$10- Had to mention these because they are my favorite!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

One more deal for Town and Country this week...

Lance 8 pack cracker snacks $2 each
Use $1/1 from here.
Final Price: $1 for one pack of 8!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Town & Country/ Ultra Deals 3/25-3/31

WOW! Okay, I am feeling good about this week! :0) I am particularly excited about the vegetable steamers, free PB, Cream of Mushroom soup, and the cream cheese. I just noticed this fact the other day: I have so many recipes that use cream cheese. Hoping to put some on my other blog ( when I get the chance.

Green Giant Valley Fresh Vegetables $.78 each (limit 4)

Use $.50/2 from SS 02/21/10, SS 03/07/10, or use $1/3 from SS 02/21/10.
Or use
$.50/1 from here or here.
Final Price: As low as $.28 each

Fisher Peanut Butter $.99 each
Use $1/1 from SS 11/22/09, SS 01/10/10, here, or here (looks like you can actually print two different coupons for $1/1, resulting in 4 coupons from each link, if printed twice...8 jars of peanut butter for free! Looks like we will be making peanut butter cookies and giving them away)
Final Price: Free

Nestle Water 24 packs $3.33
Use $1/2 from here
Final Price: $5.66/2 packs

Dole Pineapple cans $.79 each
Use $1/3 from here
Final Price: $1.37/3 cans

Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks $.99 each when you buy 4 with in-ad coupon
Use $.50/2 from SS 03/07/10 here, here, here, or here.
Final Price: $2.96/4 boxes

Red Baron Pizza 3/$10
Use $1/2 from SS 01/31/10.
Final Price: $5.66/2

Freschetta Pizza 3/ $10
Use $1.25/1 from SS 03/07/10
Final Price: $2.08 each (about the price of an Aldi pizza)

Gorton's Shrimp Poppers $3.50
Use $1/1 from SS 03/14/10
Final Price $2.50 each box

Campbell's Cream of Chicken or cream of mushroom soup $.79 each
Use $1/2 from here
Final Price: $.58/2

Sara Lee Soft and Smooth bread $1.69 each
Use $.55/1 from RP 02/21/10
Final Price: $1.14 each

Other Deals
USDA Boneless Beef Sirloin Steak $2.98/lb.
Seedless green grapes $1.48/lb.
Pears $.79/ lb.
Corn King Sliced Bacon $1.98 each
Ocean Eclipse Salmon or Tilapia Fillets $1 each

Dutch Farms Cream Cheese $.68 each (limit 2)
Cool Whip $.68 each (limit 2)
Butterball Frozen hen turkey $.99/lb.
Fresh 81% Lean Ground chuck $1.99/lb.

Deals with in-ad coupon and additional $10 purchase.
Select Pop Products will be 4 for $10 when you buy 4
Centrella 1 Gallon milk $1.98 each

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bag Sale at Goodwill...

Running a bunch of clothes through the wash right now.
Final count after 1.5 hours in my Goodwill store...(drum roll please)...
167 articles of clothing, one pair of socks, and two pairs of brand new mittens for next Winter!
$35 for one whole bag, plus used a $5 coupon. I was told that next time they do their bag sale they will not accept the $5 coupon.
Still an awesome deal. Got so many cute clothes. SO MANY! I really need to take a picture of some of the clothes to show you all how cute they are. My kids were going nuts today as I pulled each one out and made piles showing them which ones for them. Imagine Keely jumping up and down, landing on her pile, and then running up and squeezing my neck. Then, Preston is off to the side, sitting on the floor, jumping up in the air and sitting back down. Kipton is watching Preston and laughing out loud every time he leaps in the air. Meanwhile, I am busting at the seams to show the kiddos each piece of clothing, and Scott is turning up the volume on the TV, trying to reposition himself on the couch so he can watch basketball. :) Love my family! It's the little things, ya know? :)

Okay, so, my advice:
1.If you are planning to participate in the bag sale try to get there soon after they open so the clothes in the size you are looking for are not already picked over.

2. Pile all the clothes you are considering into your cart, even if you are not sure.
3. Take some time off to the side somewhere and one by one inspect each piece of clothing, deciding it is a keeper or not. Rehang the ones you are not going to be taking.
4. As you find ones you want to keep, roll them tight one at a time and pack them into your Goodwill bag, which is provided to you by the store.
5. Use every little bit of space you can in the bag and then some. :)
6. When you think you can't fit anymore in, pack 10-15 more things in. Trust me, you can.

Anyone else make it to Goodwill today, besides me??

Kmart Double Coupon Event Specifics

Thanks to Colin at for letting us in on the specific of the Kmart Double Coupons event. Here they are:

  • You can use manufacturer coupons up to and including a $2 value (i.e. if you have a $2/1 coupon, it will be doubled up to $2 for a total of $4 off the price of the item)
  • You must be a member of the Shop Your Way Rewards program AND the cashier MUST swipe your reward’s card at the beginning of your transaction!!*
  • Does not include Kmart Store Coupons or Kmart Pharmacy Store Coupons (i.e. Kmart coupons will NOT be doubled)
  • Limit 5 total coupons per customer per day. (sigh)
  • If you are using more than 5 coupons in your transaction, ONLY the first 5 coupons will be doubled. (double sigh, not double coupon)

*If you are not currently a Kmart Shop Your Way Rewards card member, do NOT stress! There are 3 simple ways to become a member:

  1. Go to the Customer Service Dept at your local Kmart or Sears store and request a card; you will be able to sign up and receive your card immediately (this is obviously the best option if you have a store close by)!
  2. Call the Shop Your Way Rewards Card dept at 1.800.991.8708; they will take all your information over the phone and then a card will be mailed to you (the card typically takes 6-8 weeks to arrive). Even if you do not have the physical card in hand for the double coupon days, you can give the cashier your phone # or member # in order to pull up your reward’s account.
  3. Click here to sign up on-line; then just print off a temporary card to use while you wait for the permanent card to arrive in the mail.

So what do you think about these rules? Are you planning a special trip to participate in Kmart Doubles?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Zenni Optical $8 glasses

Got two pairs of prescription glasses and two clip-on sunglasses for just $30 shipped. They came in the mail today and I am very pleased. Some pics will be posted later. I have only heard good things about I have never heard anyone complain about their glasses. It is a slight risk, only because you are not trying them on. (it's online) What I did was tried on glasses like the ones they had and decided what type I liked and then bought them. After shipping, less than $15 for one pair...I figured it was worth the chance.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Town and Country/ Ultra Deals: 3/18-3/24

Great deals that do not need a coupon to make them great:
Sanderson Farms Fresh split chicken breast $.88/ lb.
USDA Select T-Bone Steak $3.98/lb
Red, ripe strawberries $1.28/lb
Aunt Millie's bread $.98 each
Extra-Large Cooked Shrimp $5.98/lb.
Vienna Bread $.98 each

Deals with coupons:
Oscar Mayer Lunchable 2/$4
Use $1/1 from here
Final Price: $1 each

On-Cor meals 2/$5 (my fave is the chicken parmesan...we eat it with cooked spagetti noodles)
Use $.30/1 from RP 02/14/10
Final Price: $2.20 each

Frigo Cheese Heads String Cheese 2/$7
Use $.40/1 from RP 01/31/10
Final Price: $3.10 each

Palermo's Pizza 4/$10 (these pizzas are usually about $4 at my T&C. I figure since a pizza is $2 at Aldi, anything less than that is pretty good.)
Use $1/1 here
Final Price: $1.50 each

Hungry Jack Pancake mix 2/$4
Use $1/2 from RP 2/21-10
Final Price: 2/$3
(did you know that you could actually make your own bisquick mix?) Go to to learn how. I made it and it worked for me. Thank you Clair!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

10 Chimichangas at Jewel

Jewel deal posted here.
Take a peak.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

BEST NEWS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, maybe not ever! But seriously, KMART in Valparaiso, Indiana is going to be doing double coupons starting 4/4/10. More details to come.

Town & Country/ Ultra deals 3/11-3/17

Yoplait Yogurt 10/$4 (must buy ten and use in-ad coupon)
Use $.50/6 from here or here.
Or use $1/8 here
Or use $.40/6 from GM 02/07/10
Final Price: As low as 10/$3

Edy's Ice Cream $2.79
Use $1/1 from SS 01/31/10
Final Price: $1.79 each

Other Deals
Corned Beef Points $.98/lb.
Cabbage $.18/lb.
Top Round Roast or Chuck Roast $1.98/lb.
Red Potatoes $.28/lb.
Bumble Bee Tuna 3/$1
(there is a $1/5 coupon here, but the store limit is 3 on this one, so you might just save that coupon for a deal later.)
Butternut bread $.98 each
Hinckley Springs Water $3.33 each

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Town & Country/ Ultra Deals 3/4-3/10

Tide $9.88 each
use $1/1 from P&G 02/07/10
Final Price: $8.88 each

Downy $9.88 each
Use $1/1 from P&G 02/07/10
Final Price: $8.88 each

Ice Mountain Water $3.33 each
Use $1/2 from the January All You magazine
Final Price: $2.83 each

Pampers Big Pack $16.99 each
use $2/1 from P&G 02/21/10
Final Price: $14.99 each

Nabisco Wheat Thins $1.99
Use $1/1 from here (become a fan on facebook)
Final Price: $.99 each

Green Giant Vegetables $10/10
Use $.50/1 or $.50/2 from here or here or here or here or here or SS 02/21/10
Final Price: As low as $.50 each

Red Baron Pizza $3.66 each
Use $1/2 from
SS 01/31/10
Final Price: $6.32/2

Other Deals
Bounty Paper Towels and Charmin Bath Tissue $9.88 each
Centrella Milk $1.98 with in-ad coupon and with additional $10 purchase
Wonder Bread $.98 each
Centrella Bacon $.98 each

Monday, March 1, 2010

What to do when onions are on sale.

Check out my other blog that I do with my old college chums.
Just did an entry on what to do with a big bag of onions when they are a hot sale.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Town & Country/ Ultra Deals 2/25-3/3

Yoplait Yogurt $4/10
use $1/8 from here or here
Final Price: $2.20/8

Tyson Chicken Strips $3 each
Use $1/1 from SS 02/07/10
Final Price: $2 each

Hunt's Snack Pack $.99 each
use $.55/1 from SS 01/10/10 (Chicago Trib. was just a $.30/2 Q)
Final Price: As low as $.44

Campbell's Tomato Soup $.48 each
Use $.40/4 from SS 01/03/10
Final Price: $1.52/4

All Liquid laundry detergent 3/$10
use $1/1 from RP 2/7/10
Final Price: $2

Ziploc EZ Zipper Bags $.49 after Q (HURRY FOR THIS ONE)
(Coupon should be found in the store...on the box?)
Final Price: $49 each

Bird's Eye Vegetables 4/$5
Use $1/4 from here
Final Price: $4/4...not amazing

Other Deals
Chiquita Bananas $1/3#
Banquet Dinners $.68
Absopure Spring Water 24 pack $2.99

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Town and Country: FREE Dannon Yogurt for kids

Check it out...
I was just doing my shopping at Town and Country and find a stealofadeal!
Danimals crush cups and dannino yogurt cups (these are both yogurts targeted toward children) were priced as a mark down to just 99 cents! Use your $1/2 Crush cups coupon or your $1/1 Dannino yogurts coupon to get these for FREE!!
These coupons are found in the 2/7/10 Red Plum insert!!! WAHOO!!!

I found the yogurts in an endcap between the refrigerated section and the frozen section. Anybody else find this deal?

My son was so happy, but not as happy as I was. :)

Goodwill deals

Bag day at Goodwill today only. (Sat., Feb. 20)
Fill up a bag packed as tightly full as you can and pay just $35 for the entire bag. I packed 119 articles of clothing in my bag a couple of weeks ago when I did it. I think they are open until 6:00 today.

Next Saturday (Feb. 27) is half off day at Goodwill.
All items in the store at half off.

Make these deals even greater...
Both of these deals can be combined with coupons. After shopping at Town and Country or at Wiseway, check the backs of your receipts. You may have a $5 off a $10 purchase coupon to Goodwill. On half off day, pick out $20 worth of merchandise and pay just $5. GREAT deals can be had considering that many of the clothes are in great shape and may even still have the original tags on them. I also have found many adorable purses there lately, and many great things at the front of the store that were donated from Target! Definitely worth checking out. My husband wanted a special Nerf gun that costed anywhere from $35-50 in the stores. I found one at Goodwill (donated from Target...still brand new) and I could have gotten it for $15 for
Scott, but I had already paid full price in the store, so I passed it up.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

CVS LOVE= $50 gift card!

Seriously, if you go to any pharmacy other than CVS, just STOP. :) CVS has been sooooooooooooooo good to me. FOR REAL! Check this one out. My husband needed prescription ointment for the spots where chemicals burned his face. I needed to fill a perscription for the allergy meds that I take regularly. Both were new perscriptions. From prior experiences with CVS I knew that they took competitor pharmacy coupons. I looked up what coupons were out that had not yet expired. Because there is a pharmacy in the KMART close by I was able to print off this coupon and it would be a competitor. It seemed too good to be true, but I thought "HEY! What have I got to lose?" The awesome pharmicist at CVS was happy to give me a gift card for $50 because we had two perscriptions being filled! THEY ARE CRAZY AWESOME THERE!!! I am telling you. I have NEVER had a problem with them taking a competitor coupon ever, as long as it is a legite competitor of theirs! They rock! Go to CVS.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Town & Country/ Ultra Deals: Feb. 18-24

Fisher Peanut Butter $.78
use $1/1 from here, here, SS 11/22/09, or SS 01/10/10
Final Price: FREE
*Note: Not sure if this is across the board or not, but at my T&C the coupons that go over the amount of the item (as is in this case) automatically get brought down to the price that the item run up at the no overage.

Brawny Paper Towels $5.50
use $1/1 from RP 01/24/10
Final Price: $4.50 each

Dannon Light & Fit Yogurt $.38
Use $1/2 from RP 01/24/10
Final Price: FREE

Edy's Dibs $3
use $1/1 from SS 1/31/10
Final Price: $2 each

Kraft Cheese $1.66
$1/2 Kraft Natural Cheese from SS 1/24/10
Final Price: $1.16

Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers $1.33
use $1/2 from here , here, here, here, or GM 1/3/10
Final Price: $.83 each

Other Deals
Russet Potatoes $.88/8#
Beef Boneless English Roast or Beef Boneless Top Round Roast $2.18#
Hot Pockets 6/$10
Dutch Farms American Singles $.78
Banquet Brown 'N Serves $.78
Fud Chicken Franks $.69

Friday, February 12, 2010

Town and Country (Ultra) Deals 2/11-2/17

Arnold bread $.98
use $.55 from SS 11/1 or 12/6/09
Final Price: $.43

Shedd's Country Crock margarine tubs 10/$10
use $.40 off here
Final Price: $.60

Progresso Soup $.88
There are tons of coupons to use but most recent was: Buy 2 and use $.50/2 from SS 1/17/10
Final Price: $1.26/2

Butterball sliced turkey bacon $1.29
use $.75 from SS 1/10/10
Final Price: $.54 each

Coffee-Mate creamer 3/$5
Use $.75 off here
Final Price: $.91

Green Giant Just for One $2.50
use $.50 off here
Final Price: $2

GM cereals/granola bars $1.98
Buy 6 and use in adcoupon for $3 off
Final Price: $1.48 each

Kotex Overnights $2.79
Buy 2 and use $1/2 here
Final Price: $4.58/2

Nestle Pure Life Water 3/$10
Use $1/2 from here
Final Price: $4.66/2

Angel Soft Bath Tissue 2/$10
Use $1/1 from here
Final Price: $4 each

Other Deals
Red, ripe strawberries $1.88#
Pork butt roast $.88#
Cantaloupe $1.48
Bumble Bee tuna 3/$1
Onions 3# $.99
Dole Orange Juice $1.88