Thursday, February 25, 2010

Town & Country/ Ultra Deals 2/25-3/3

Yoplait Yogurt $4/10
use $1/8 from here or here
Final Price: $2.20/8

Tyson Chicken Strips $3 each
Use $1/1 from SS 02/07/10
Final Price: $2 each

Hunt's Snack Pack $.99 each
use $.55/1 from SS 01/10/10 (Chicago Trib. was just a $.30/2 Q)
Final Price: As low as $.44

Campbell's Tomato Soup $.48 each
Use $.40/4 from SS 01/03/10
Final Price: $1.52/4

All Liquid laundry detergent 3/$10
use $1/1 from RP 2/7/10
Final Price: $2

Ziploc EZ Zipper Bags $.49 after Q (HURRY FOR THIS ONE)
(Coupon should be found in the store...on the box?)
Final Price: $49 each

Bird's Eye Vegetables 4/$5
Use $1/4 from here
Final Price: $4/4...not amazing

Other Deals
Chiquita Bananas $1/3#
Banquet Dinners $.68
Absopure Spring Water 24 pack $2.99

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Town and Country: FREE Dannon Yogurt for kids

Check it out...
I was just doing my shopping at Town and Country and find a stealofadeal!
Danimals crush cups and dannino yogurt cups (these are both yogurts targeted toward children) were priced as a mark down to just 99 cents! Use your $1/2 Crush cups coupon or your $1/1 Dannino yogurts coupon to get these for FREE!!
These coupons are found in the 2/7/10 Red Plum insert!!! WAHOO!!!

I found the yogurts in an endcap between the refrigerated section and the frozen section. Anybody else find this deal?

My son was so happy, but not as happy as I was. :)

Goodwill deals

Bag day at Goodwill today only. (Sat., Feb. 20)
Fill up a bag packed as tightly full as you can and pay just $35 for the entire bag. I packed 119 articles of clothing in my bag a couple of weeks ago when I did it. I think they are open until 6:00 today.

Next Saturday (Feb. 27) is half off day at Goodwill.
All items in the store at half off.

Make these deals even greater...
Both of these deals can be combined with coupons. After shopping at Town and Country or at Wiseway, check the backs of your receipts. You may have a $5 off a $10 purchase coupon to Goodwill. On half off day, pick out $20 worth of merchandise and pay just $5. GREAT deals can be had considering that many of the clothes are in great shape and may even still have the original tags on them. I also have found many adorable purses there lately, and many great things at the front of the store that were donated from Target! Definitely worth checking out. My husband wanted a special Nerf gun that costed anywhere from $35-50 in the stores. I found one at Goodwill (donated from Target...still brand new) and I could have gotten it for $15 for
Scott, but I had already paid full price in the store, so I passed it up.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

CVS LOVE= $50 gift card!

Seriously, if you go to any pharmacy other than CVS, just STOP. :) CVS has been sooooooooooooooo good to me. FOR REAL! Check this one out. My husband needed prescription ointment for the spots where chemicals burned his face. I needed to fill a perscription for the allergy meds that I take regularly. Both were new perscriptions. From prior experiences with CVS I knew that they took competitor pharmacy coupons. I looked up what coupons were out that had not yet expired. Because there is a pharmacy in the KMART close by I was able to print off this coupon and it would be a competitor. It seemed too good to be true, but I thought "HEY! What have I got to lose?" The awesome pharmicist at CVS was happy to give me a gift card for $50 because we had two perscriptions being filled! THEY ARE CRAZY AWESOME THERE!!! I am telling you. I have NEVER had a problem with them taking a competitor coupon ever, as long as it is a legite competitor of theirs! They rock! Go to CVS.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Town & Country/ Ultra Deals: Feb. 18-24

Fisher Peanut Butter $.78
use $1/1 from here, here, SS 11/22/09, or SS 01/10/10
Final Price: FREE
*Note: Not sure if this is across the board or not, but at my T&C the coupons that go over the amount of the item (as is in this case) automatically get brought down to the price that the item run up at the no overage.

Brawny Paper Towels $5.50
use $1/1 from RP 01/24/10
Final Price: $4.50 each

Dannon Light & Fit Yogurt $.38
Use $1/2 from RP 01/24/10
Final Price: FREE

Edy's Dibs $3
use $1/1 from SS 1/31/10
Final Price: $2 each

Kraft Cheese $1.66
$1/2 Kraft Natural Cheese from SS 1/24/10
Final Price: $1.16

Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers $1.33
use $1/2 from here , here, here, here, or GM 1/3/10
Final Price: $.83 each

Other Deals
Russet Potatoes $.88/8#
Beef Boneless English Roast or Beef Boneless Top Round Roast $2.18#
Hot Pockets 6/$10
Dutch Farms American Singles $.78
Banquet Brown 'N Serves $.78
Fud Chicken Franks $.69

Friday, February 12, 2010

Town and Country (Ultra) Deals 2/11-2/17

Arnold bread $.98
use $.55 from SS 11/1 or 12/6/09
Final Price: $.43

Shedd's Country Crock margarine tubs 10/$10
use $.40 off here
Final Price: $.60

Progresso Soup $.88
There are tons of coupons to use but most recent was: Buy 2 and use $.50/2 from SS 1/17/10
Final Price: $1.26/2

Butterball sliced turkey bacon $1.29
use $.75 from SS 1/10/10
Final Price: $.54 each

Coffee-Mate creamer 3/$5
Use $.75 off here
Final Price: $.91

Green Giant Just for One $2.50
use $.50 off here
Final Price: $2

GM cereals/granola bars $1.98
Buy 6 and use in adcoupon for $3 off
Final Price: $1.48 each

Kotex Overnights $2.79
Buy 2 and use $1/2 here
Final Price: $4.58/2

Nestle Pure Life Water 3/$10
Use $1/2 from here
Final Price: $4.66/2

Angel Soft Bath Tissue 2/$10
Use $1/1 from here
Final Price: $4 each

Other Deals
Red, ripe strawberries $1.88#
Pork butt roast $.88#
Cantaloupe $1.48
Bumble Bee tuna 3/$1
Onions 3# $.99
Dole Orange Juice $1.88