Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bag Sale at Goodwill...

Running a bunch of clothes through the wash right now.
Final count after 1.5 hours in my Goodwill store...(drum roll please)...
167 articles of clothing, one pair of socks, and two pairs of brand new mittens for next Winter!
$35 for one whole bag, plus used a $5 coupon. I was told that next time they do their bag sale they will not accept the $5 coupon.
Still an awesome deal. Got so many cute clothes. SO MANY! I really need to take a picture of some of the clothes to show you all how cute they are. My kids were going nuts today as I pulled each one out and made piles showing them which ones for them. Imagine Keely jumping up and down, landing on her pile, and then running up and squeezing my neck. Then, Preston is off to the side, sitting on the floor, jumping up in the air and sitting back down. Kipton is watching Preston and laughing out loud every time he leaps in the air. Meanwhile, I am busting at the seams to show the kiddos each piece of clothing, and Scott is turning up the volume on the TV, trying to reposition himself on the couch so he can watch basketball. :) Love my family! It's the little things, ya know? :)

Okay, so, my advice:
1.If you are planning to participate in the bag sale try to get there soon after they open so the clothes in the size you are looking for are not already picked over.

2. Pile all the clothes you are considering into your cart, even if you are not sure.
3. Take some time off to the side somewhere and one by one inspect each piece of clothing, deciding it is a keeper or not. Rehang the ones you are not going to be taking.
4. As you find ones you want to keep, roll them tight one at a time and pack them into your Goodwill bag, which is provided to you by the store.
5. Use every little bit of space you can in the bag and then some. :)
6. When you think you can't fit anymore in, pack 10-15 more things in. Trust me, you can.

Anyone else make it to Goodwill today, besides me??


  1. I always read this AFTER the sale :(

  2. Chris, Sorry. I actually found on at 9:00 on Saturday morning...and I was at the store by 9:30. ;) I will try to be better about posting when it is coming up in the future to keep you in the know.