Saturday, February 20, 2010

Goodwill deals

Bag day at Goodwill today only. (Sat., Feb. 20)
Fill up a bag packed as tightly full as you can and pay just $35 for the entire bag. I packed 119 articles of clothing in my bag a couple of weeks ago when I did it. I think they are open until 6:00 today.

Next Saturday (Feb. 27) is half off day at Goodwill.
All items in the store at half off.

Make these deals even greater...
Both of these deals can be combined with coupons. After shopping at Town and Country or at Wiseway, check the backs of your receipts. You may have a $5 off a $10 purchase coupon to Goodwill. On half off day, pick out $20 worth of merchandise and pay just $5. GREAT deals can be had considering that many of the clothes are in great shape and may even still have the original tags on them. I also have found many adorable purses there lately, and many great things at the front of the store that were donated from Target! Definitely worth checking out. My husband wanted a special Nerf gun that costed anywhere from $35-50 in the stores. I found one at Goodwill (donated from Target...still brand new) and I could have gotten it for $15 for
Scott, but I had already paid full price in the store, so I passed it up.

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